EIFS Diagram

    Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)

    Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) is a multi-layered stucco system that can be applied to the outer walls of commercial and residential buildings. 


    Energy Efficiency: Continuous insulation with high R-value lowering energy costs and providing noise reduction.

    Fade resistance: High-performance pigments are used to formulate vivid colors that would otherwise be prone to rapid UV breakdown. 

    Elasticity: Special elastomeric technology is used to provide increased movement and flexibility reducing stress cracks

    Hydrophobicity: Advanced water-repellent technology minimizes dirt accumulation and helps keep the wall looking like new.

    Jedi Stucco is a certified Dryvit installer and has the experience, training, and proficiency necessary to correctly complete your EIFS installation

    1. Inner Layer - air/moisture barrier, foam insulation board adhered to the exterior wall surface (or substrate)
    2. Middle Layer - polymer and cement basecoat applied to the face of the foam insulation
    3. Reinforcement - the middle layer is strengthened by the addition of a fiberglass mesh
    4. Exterior Layer - another basecoat plus a textured acrylic finishing coat 

    Traditional Sand & Cement Systems / Complete Stucco Renderings

    Conventional Stucco

    In one form or another, ‘stucco’ has been used for centuries.  Hard and durable, traditional paper and wire systems with an acrylic finish coat will provide a colorful, attractive and cost effective exterior that will last. 



    a new solution to an ‘old’ dimension, by providing a variety of stucco re-coating options suited to the customers need for both performance and aesthetics. Using the latest in 21st century chemistry, resurface your current stucco exterior.  Refresh curb appeal, modernize appearance or hide repairs. Help your project look better than it ever has before.   

    Stucco Repairs - Experts in Stucco Solutions

    There are tens of thousands of existing buildings in need of exterior repairs and a face lift. Like most exterior walls stucco can be subjected to damage. A blight may be minor in nature, but it can be distracting to the property owner and visible to any occupants, tenants, clients, passersby, etc.  Furthermore, if left unattended, minor stucco damage can quickly develop into a major issue rather quickly, leading to potentially expensive wall repair or restoration costs. No matter the building type, Jedi Stucco offers a solution and the experience to perform stucco repairs swiftly and accurately, with minimal inconvenience/disruption for the property owner and for any visitors/patrons. 

    More Services

    Cultured Stone and Masonry

    Jedi Stucco installs all types of stone products designed to complement a variety of architectural styles, it looks authentic, natural and most of all, beautiful. 

    • Traditional masonry installation methods 

    • Installation over cement board using polymer modified mortar  

    Stucco Painting

    As a residential and commercial painting contractor Jedi Stucco strives to offer “Peace of Mind” to all of our painting customers. Quality you can count on is first and foremost. Services include key steps which ensure our customers receive the best application every time. Our professional painting managers have over 25 years of painting management experience. Check out examples of our work in our Gallery.

    Decorative Finishes

    Looking to redecorate? We specialize in the development and implementation of custom, decorative finishes for residential and commercial clients. For years designers have had few options to achieve unique finishes, we can add a touch of elegance to your home.  Custom brick, reflective metallics and limestone block are just some of the choices available, these finishes create accents and effects that produce a distinctive look. 


    Customer testimonials and reviews matter – a lot. Here is what customers are saying about us!

    -The bottom line is that the quality of Shaun's workmanship and dedication to the job are outstanding and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him and Jedi Stucco and Construction Ltd. to anyone who is looking for outstanding workmanship at a reasonable and affordable price."

    Richard W. Graw

    -President, Briar Park Estates Community

    Inspections / Estimates

    It's estimated that up to half of stucco installed in Canada will have defects leading to costly repairs or failures within a few years.  

    The five main reasons for stucco failures are:

        - Improper design for our climate.

        - Poor quality of installation.

        - Poor quality of materials.

        - Water penetration.

        - Stress and movement.

    Call us today! for a FREE Inspection and Quote.  We will show you a written inspection report, discuss repair options and our recommendations to correct the issue properly.


    Question -  At what temperatures can stucco be applied in cold weather ?

    Answer -  The lower the temperature the longer it will take for products to dry and cure. Usually 24 to 48 hours after completion of each phase of work. Stucco should never be applied when the temperature of the substrate or ambient air is below 4°C. Insufficient bonding, cracking, finish coat delamination, efflorescence, and overall system performance failure will occur if these best practices are not followed.